Greenwood Explosion Mural

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In 2016, in the middle of the night, the Seattle Fire Department got a call for a gas leak off the corner of 85th and Greenwood in Seattle. They responded quickly and found that there was an old gas line that had not been properly sealed in a back alley behind Mr. Gyros Restaurant.

As the firefighters were responding, the leak caused a devastating explosion. Nine firefighters obtained minor injuries and made full recoveries, but the buildings that used to house local small businesses did not fare as well. The explosion completely leveled three buildings and caused damage to surrounding buildings up to 3 blocks in all directions. Greenwood is home to many small businesses, and this explosion caused, in some cases, irreparable damage.

The weekend following the explosion, the neighborhood came out to show their support by cleaning up broken glass, boarding up windows, planting flowers, and painting the plywood to brighten up the neighborhood during this time. Over the next week, almost all plywood surfaces were covered with beautiful murals by local artists. Melissa was asked to paint the old G&O Family Cyclery building.

This was Melissa’s first large scale public mural. She has since been asked to paint it again each year since the explosion. The following photos show the progress over the years.

Melissa is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to paint for the neighborhood, and has since dedicated the mural to the beautiful and considerate people of the Greenwood Neighborhood.

This is a shot from the first time Melissa painted the building in 2016. This mural was never fully finished due to time and monetary constraints.

Photo of Melissa painting by Genna Martin Seattle PI


This is a side view of the second mural painted on the same building after break-ins caused the owners to fully board it up. This gave Melissa an opportunity to re-work the design and work on layering and dimension.

Progress shots of the third and most recent mural.


And finally a finished shot of the 3rd mural painted in 2018. Melissa was quite happy with this design and color selection as it is very eye catching to passers-by.


Up close shot of the dedication Melissa mounted, coated with resin and then used liquid nails to adhere it to the brick.

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Statix Window Display

Public Projects

Local artist-owned clothing shop and gallery Statix hosts rotating artists who create dynamic and interesting displays for their front window. Melissa was commissioned to hand-make and paint large spikes and an array of holographic hanging shapes that would spin and catch light from different angles. Display dates: May 1st through June 30th of 2018.

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